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Why am i not happy with my girlfriend

Hello all! On the other hand, if you cringe at the idea of watching a movie together, it's time to reevaluate things. Apparently some part of my mind was thinking and thinking about this and I am positive that that part clicked this article. Wanted to start of by saying thanks for clicking on my thread. We've both grown a bit insecure about the relationship because of friends of the opposite sex the other has and regularly take out the frustration of being so far apart from each other by fighting about the silliest things latest one was me asking if she was going out on Friday, to which she snapped that she didn't need to be popular, and that if I wanted a popular girlfriend I should find another. Bear in mind that not all uncomfortable feelings signify that you should end the relationship. There should be some kind of pleasant feeling when your partner calls you unexpectedly during the day — or, at the very least, you shouldn't be experiencing any negative emotions when you see their name pop up on your phone. At least you have someone who will look after you, who will send you sweet messages, and cuddle you on the couch. I'm very sorry. It would be best to just break it off permanently so both of you can move on with your lives. I will never know.

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In all honesty I think you should leave her. All the stepping on eggshells is no good for either of you, you need to take action and if ultimately that means the end of the relationship, then so be it. Do you feel genuine love, friendship, and respect for your partner? Before using the site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. However, you first need to be clear to yourself about what you want. Or are you placing that expectation on your partner to resolve a lingering insecurity you have from a previous relationship? Advices are very much welcome. The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. I moved seven hours away from everyone I have ever known to be with him.

You're annoyed by everything they do

So it does sound like maybe something is going on with you that may or may not have much to do with your girl. It's natural to reach out to an ex when you're feeling insecure or unhappy in your relationship, so if you constantly feel a really strong urge to ask them how they're doing, there are probably things on the homefront you should address. Quality attracts quality. There are all kinds of reasons unhappy long-term couples stick it out; but if you think you might be in one of them, it's worth remembering that staying in a miserable relationship is never worth it, no matter your reasoning may be. Classic example of a 29 year old probably single girl thinking that she is the know-all of relationships. Well, really, you're not Latest Content. That is what it feels like. On a date, you might even find small ways to prolong your togetherness just to avoid having to say goodbye. Relationships do go through rough patches, and just because you are unhappy now, does not mean there isn't room for resolution or healing in your relationship. After all, you know your partner would crumble without having you in their life. And then, one day, I decided that I had a choice.

Girlfriend is great, but I am unhappy - Community Forums

  • Early in relationships, it's not uncommon for us to put aside strong opinions and avoid arguments because we don't want to scare the other person away.
  • I have talked to her about it this week and she is definately not happy, but she is willing to see me though this time.
  • I guess I have some things to think about.
  • Many hours of sleep have been lost in the name of late-night phone calls with someone you want to get to know a little better.
  • I guess I have some things to think about.
  • Please share the wisdom :.

Hello all! I have a situation that I need some advice on here and if you could help me out, that would be great! I have been with my gf for about a year now. I don't know if I am simply in a phase or something, but I really dislike seeing her for some reason. Just being with her or talking to her on the phone makes me uncomfortable and is making me think about breaking up with her. Also, sometimes I get this way because she says "I love you". I don't know why, but I can't say it back with total committment to her and I think to myself that I don't know if I love her or not. In fact, the only time I think I have ever said "I love you" to a gf was when my ex of 6 years broke up with me. Can anyone recommend something for me to be happy again? This girl is wonderful and has done nothing wrong, but for some reason, I am not happy at all. I appreciate it! Share Share this post on Digg Del. It happened to me a couple of times, in both cases I felt annoyed, bored, with no real reason. Ideas of breaking up and going out with someone else crossed my mind. I started to notice how charming some of my male friends were.

5 Signs You're Not Happy With Your Life (And What You Can Do About It)

I was going out with a wonderful man. He was generous and caring and had a great sense of humor. He treated me well and attended to my every need. Every time a fear surfaced about how quickly things were moving, I smoothed it over with a shrug or a hug or a reminder of how lucky I was to have found someone with whom to share my life. Yet another part of me questioned the depth of my feelings for him. I was exhausted.

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Why am i not happy with my girlfriend. Am I Happy In My Relationship? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Not Sure

Wanted to start of by saying thanks for clicking on my thread. It's not a fun topic to discuss and I appreciate you taking the time out of hppy day to help me out. I'll make it as short as I can. Edit: Yeah I'm very sorry. Look at the last 2 paragraphs for a short summary ish. Bigbootyblais started out as friends in high school and gradually came to like each other; but we've had problems girlffiend the beginning. To start, I was currently seeing someone else when our feelings started to develop, which led to lot's of fights between me and my now ex girlfriend, me and her current girlfriendmy girlfriedn ex and her currentand to make things happh, lots of friends took sides. This went of for months and it tore me up. However, it passed and I ended up with my current girlfriend while several friendships vanished. After that first drama, things started looking up. The friends I still had were happy with me, my girlfriend and I were happj a great time together, and my parents seemed happy to see me out of the mess I was in. That was the summer of my senior year I had initially broken up with her because I didn't think I could handle another long distance relationship, even though she wanted to try it out. We stayed friends for a while, talking every day or so and we really supported one another with our new lives.

You avoid spending time with them

It's late one night and, in your boredom, you're just sitting there scrolling through social media. Picture after picture involves two happy faces canoodling or engaging in some other equally adorable activity and, suddenly, your stomach goes cold. Sure, you can remember the days when you were single and images like this rattled your cage but why are you feeling so sad and wistful if you are blissfully coupled up? Could it be that, despite your best efforts, you aren't actually happy in your relationship? When addressing concerns like this with my psychology students and clients, I always make an effort to remind them that there is a difference between what people share online and what their lives are truly like.

Maybe you need to buckle down on pursuing those creative ambitions you stalled for your relationship.

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Aug 01,  · I'm not happy with my girlfriend, and don't think I ever will be, but I can't bring myself to break up with her. Mostly it is because I am generally correct as I am reluctant to debate something I am not reasonably sure of. One example is a debate we had over Creatine when I started supplementing with it, she insisted it did nothing to help. Sep 03,  · I've been with my girlfriend for a little over 4 months now and I just haven't grown more attached to her. She is honestly the nicest girl I have ever met. She treats me better than anyone else I've ever been with. She is beautiful, no, gorgeous from the inside out. She loves me for who I am. The problem is, I just am not happy with Open. There is something so fundamentally wrong and toxic about the question: “How can I make my girlfriend happy?” The reason why this is toxic is because when you try to make your girlfriend happy, you’re actually just putting your girlfriend on a pedestal and raising her value.

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