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I hung up the phone on my boyfriend

Best way to respond is to go to sleep and not worry about it. In my opinion any man that cannot do this is not worth marrying anyway. That just proves men do the same thing. He blows up at me on the phone, interrupts, talks over me, hangs up, and ignores me for hours. He's been working, he's tired, and he doesn't have time for banter. You sound like an ass to me though. My partner. Usually only cheaters and or liars behave in a defensive negative rude manner My BF hangs up on me when he feels he isn't gaining the upper hand. Tuesday, September 1, What it means when she or he hangs up on you. Like the 3 points you mentioned The way you were abandoned. Liars and Cheats.. That too is selfish. Loneliness: You have gone from a two-person interaction to one person.

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Page of 3. View my complete profile. As for the hanging up, tell him: Hanging up on me isn't acceptable. This only happened two or three times recently but her argument was that she should leave me. Girl wants to hang out with my bf. Anonymous February 4, at PM. This is the role of a warrior. If you are astute enough to learn the reason behind her hurt and pain and you love her enough then your role is to put on your armor and go to battle on behalf of the woman you love. He didn't admit that he was hurt many guys don't like to admit when they are hurt because doing so would make them feel too vulnerable.


We got back together and our relationship has been better this second time around. Definitely no hanging up. I don't know, I never treat him like that, I always show him that I care about him even when he gets me mad or annoys me. Anonymous January 21, at PM. I definitely want to see him all the time and stay with him every night too but I know that it's not healthy for this early in the relationship 5 months. I love this answer. Charity Jones July 23, at PM. Campbell Donoma March 9, at AM. When she was unable to handle hearing an alternative point of view on something, she would quickly escalate to a rage-state and eventually just hang up the phone or abruptly, without warning, log off of chat. This is important. Ask a question. This includes FREE priority advice, updates, and first notification to special promotions and contests which are time sensitive and will give you an edge over everyone else.

My Bf Hang Up On Me | Relationship Talk

  • By hanging up, she achieves a feeling of power while simultaneously eliminating a painful negative stimulus.
  • On occasions, they even do it on purpose and wait for the phone to see if the guy calls back.
  • He told me he couldn't give me what I wanted right now becau
  • My 64 yo bf hung up on me after I let him know that he was saying something he said before to save him from repeating it.

Click here. My boyfriend hung up on me What's the best way to respond? I was expecting him to be back tomorrow morning which is when I go to work. I live with my parents and he gave me a call and asked me to stay over. I'm already staying over tomorrow night and since I was already laying in bed I told him no, I was being playful and I thought he'd be disappointed but not upset. He responded by hanging up on me How should I react to this? Call him back? Before he hung up on me I was considering sleeping for a bit then heading to his house to cuddle with him late in the night i do this sometimes I texted him "I really dislike that you did that. This is rare behavior with him and I am in love with him. It just is irking me that he did that and it is a huge turn off and maybe even a red flag. Edit: our conversation this morning He just hung up? FFS, just call him, if he doesn't pick up, give him his space. You've already texted him, the ball is in his court. Also, since you regularly "sneak into his house", he may be thinking you will do just that. His version: "Asked her to come over.

My boyfriend hung up the phone on me? Now I don't trust him.

My boyfriend says he loves me but when thee talk it's like he's not even listening to me. He will just hang up the phone when we are talking. What should I do? Your boyfriend isn't behaving properly and he needs a lesson in manners. Hanging up on you is an act of aggression. So is ignoring you when you talk to him.

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I hung up the phone on my boyfriend. What do you do if your SO hangs up on you (phone)

Hanging up on your boyfriend is something that seems to happen a lot in a relationship. I personally never call back anyone who hangs up on me, male or female. Hanging up on someone is also immature and childish. Real adults talk about a problem in a civilized way, without shouting or using improper language. The whole purpose of the argument is to come up with a solution to it and hanging up the phone is definitely not one of them. On occasions, they even do it on purpose and wait for the phone to see if the guy calls back. How immature is that? I encourage everyone to put a stop to this behavior by never allowing it to start from the beginning of any relationship. But the key to making this work is to make a big deal about it the first time it happens and get your expectations across without any doubts. This includes FREE priority advice, updates, and first notification to special promotions and contests which are time sensitive and will give you an edge over everyone else. Follow us. Do you have a question for The Last Honest Guy?

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I have been in this situation. I don't believe that he thought of it considering he doesn't see things the same way as you. Would you have done anything that made him feel disrespected in the course of the argument? Yelled or insulted him?

If my boyfriend hung up on me during an argument I'd probably turn in to a raging physcho, tensions are high already and when someone storms off even though it's probably for the best it definitely winds you up!

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we were getting into a fight over the phone, he told he didnt wanted to talk anymore and i did, and i kept telling him that i wanted to keep. Mar 19, - My ex boyfriend was moody and he used to hang up if I said something he didn't like. I just used to turn my phone off for the rest of the day. My boyfriend raced out to my home and I had already left to take my friend acknowledge to him that you hurt his feelings by hanging up the phone in his face.

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