How did Instagram memes originate?

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Instagram memes are typically screenshots of images from the app with humorous, often relatable, text layered on top. They can be found by searching for hashtags like #instameme or browsing through specific meme accounts on Instagram. The format originated on other platforms like Tumblr and Vine but quickly gained a following among people who use Instagram regularly.

Memes have been around for years, but their popularity exploded with the invention of the internet and social media. They’re usually funny images or videos that are shared online as a way to communicate a feeling or idea in an easily digestible way. Memes started out being passed around via email and instant messenger, but they really took off when they began appearing on sites like reddit and 4chan. From there, they spread to other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And finally, some made their way over to Instagram where they continue to be immensely popular today

What are the most popular Instagram memes?

Instagram memes are a constantly-evolving phenomenon. What’s funny and popular today may be totally forgotten by tomorrow. However, there are some memes that seem to be perennial favorites, and we’ve collected the 10 most popular ones below.

1) “Ight, Imma head out” – This simple meme features someone saying they’re leaving while another person says “ight, imma head out.” It’s been used to express everything from resignation to excitement, making it one of the more versatile memes around.

2) The Distracted Boyfriend Meme – This meme is based on a stock photo of a man looking at his girlfriend with one eye while checking out another woman walking past them. It epitomizes how people can simultaneously feel attraction and disdain for someone else.

3) Doge – A Shiba Inu dog in front of a colorful background is often used as the face of the Doge meme. The text typically employs Comic Sans font and mixes up lowercase letters with occasional capitalization for emphasis. Doge has been used to convey basically anything you can imagine, from sarcasm to heartfelt messages.

4) Arthur Fist – Another ubiquitous meme face, Arthur Fist is typically seen clenched into a fist with an accompanying text overlay conveying anger or frustration (e.g., “Arthur Fist when he finds out his mom got him socks for Christmas”). Occasionally this meme will feature other characters from the show Arthur instead of Arthur Fist himself (i e., Pow Cardigan).

5) Mocking SpongeBob – One half of this classic duo sees Spongebob Squarepants happily doing something before being met with complete destruction soon after by Patrick Star shouting his famous phrase: “MY EYES!” The other part features Patrick in various situations where he should rightfully be terrified but instead does nothing but mock Spongebob’s terror spaically (“Patrick when he hears footsteps”).

6) Cash Me Outside How Bout Dat? Girl – Danielle

How do you create an Instagram meme?

Creating an Instagram meme is a relatively simple process. All you need is a basic graphic design program like Photoshop or GIMP, and some creativity! Here’s how to do it:

1. Open up your graphics design program and create a new file. This will be the canvas for your meme.

2. Decide on the dimensions of your meme. For Instagram, memes should be 1080px wide by 1920px high (or thereabouts – they don’t have to be exact). If you want to make a horizontal meme, just make the height 1920px instead of 1080px.

In photoshop: File > New… In gimp: Image > Create from Width1920 Height1080 preset…

3. Import the image that you want to use as the background for your meme into this document.* You can find free stock images online by doing a quick search, or use one of your own photos if you prefer. Just make sure that it’s big enough so that there will be plenty of room for text around it. Resize/crop if needed.*

4. With the background image layer selected, go to Edit > Transform > Scale and resize it until it fills most of the document (but leave some space at either end for text). Hit Enter when you’re done.*

5. Now add in any other elements that you want to include in your meme – texts, jokes, etcetera – using either Photoshop or GIMP’s built-in tools*. Play around with positioning and sizing until everything looks good; when you’re happy with how it looks, merge all visible layers into one*. 6. Save your finished work as a JPG file (remembering to select “JPEG High Quality” under “Save As Type”) and upload it to Instagram!

Who creates the best Instagram memes?

There are many people who create great Instagram memes, but there are a few people who stand out more than the rest. The first person who comes to mind when it comes to creating Instagram memes is Jenna Marbles. She has gained a large following on Instagram by creating funny and relatable memes that her followers can relate to. Another person who creates great Instagram memes is Nathan Zed. He often createspolitical and social commentarymemes that get a lot of attention online. Lastly, there are also some individualswho useInstagram as their personal art platformand create amazing visual stories through their meme posts. Overall, there are many talented people out there who create great Instagram memes – it’s hard to choose just one!

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