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Purple headband weed review

Great strain all in all. This is then followed by the classic Indica stone, making this strain a real all-rounder and robust with it. Copyright: Marijuana-seeds. Remember me Lost your password? Register Close. If you smoke or otherwise use lightly and infrequently, withdrawal is a non Forgotten Password. This is why the low fan leaves often need to be trimmed back in order to ensure that all of the flowers receive an adequate amount of light and nourishment. We both knew it wouldn't last forever and I do my best to forget she exists As is expected for a marijuana strain with such a high THC content, the buds are typically thickly coated with a dusting of silvery, glimmering trichomes, or crystals which contain much of this high-inducing element.

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Grow Information. Edibles, gummies , candies, extracts, tinctures and concentrates all offer high doses of Headband with less of the actual act of consumption required. It often produces a strong fruity aroma with just a hint of gasoline, and a similar flavor with undertones of pine. Sativa Strains. I would love to order some of the seeds but how can go about doing that?

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I live in Texas so as you can see everything is tight here. Rochelle on November 2, Orange Creamsicle. I give it a 5 for all around goodness not counting those. If you want to print this infographic in order to use it as a sticker for your container, please click button below! Qleaner Leave a Review. Type of High Purple Headband cannabis strain is known for providing a warm and relaxing high that spreads all over the body. Get Headband OG now by clicking here. There was a problem subscribing, please try again later. A workday with Sour Headband marijuana strain. The aroma is also very nice. THC Content. Advice Ask a Question.

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Leafly keeps personal information safe, secure, and anonymous. By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. It often produces a strong fruity aroma with just a hint of gasoline, and a similar flavor with undertones of pine. The high has been likened to that of Headband: uplifting yet relaxing with a warm, fuzzy pressure that gradually creeps from your temples across your forehead. This strain is totally amazing. Covered in white crystals pollen or resin. The aroma is also very nice. This is a prime example of why I love all of these hybrid strains. Use current location. Where are you from? United States Canada. Which part of Canada? How old are you? Please enter a valid date. Year No Yes. Sign Up Please enter a valid email address and try again. Home Hybrid Purple Headband.

Headband Marijuana Strain [Full Review]

I have smoke alot of good strains this strain maybe in my top 20 but I would rather have sour diesel or Goji og kush. Today I tried this. And I've tried several strains this past few months. Between this and glue and kosher kush idk what to do!! Great strain all in all. I gave 4 stars because it lacks a great smell or taste.

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Purple headband weed review. Purple Headband

Globally available and praised for its medical abilities plus added versatility, Headband marijuana can be purchased at just about every medical cannabis dispensary and recreational pot shop, in addition to being supplied by the black market. The reality? Headband is named after its brilliant cerebral effects, which create the sensation of pressure and tingling Sissy squirt tumblr the forehead- a rather pleasant experience for the user which replicates wearing a headband, as well as helping to relax the mind. Others claim origins Young asian ladyboy cum Humboldt County, a. Regardless of its actual regiew, Headband is still headbandd quintessential cannabis strain to keep in your medical marijuana cabinet. This marijuana strain might not exactly be a one-hit quitter, headbsnd even highly experienced stoners have said its effects are rather long lasting and take some time Purple headband weed review fade away. Whatever room you are in will quickly become filled up and engulfed by the powerful yet pleasant aroma of lemon stench. The flavor profile of Headband is one to be remembered, exuding an intriguing blend of lemon, followed by undertones of headdband and vanilla. This extra added sweetness makes Headband a tasty Purplee, in addition to the hints of earth and lavender that arise after the initial acknowledgment of flavor. Appearance wise, Headband is the classic look of an indica dominant marijuana strain, short and bushy in stature, which can be problematic for some growers indoors.

Headband Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

The buds are medium to large and are covered with orange hairs and purple leaves. The nugs are dense and the aroma is floral and fruity with a hint of Kush. Levels of active ingredient Tetrahydrocannabinol THC in Purple Headband are generally around 21 percent but have tested as high as 28 percent. Purple headband users may feel euphoric and energetic at the same time. Due to these effects, Purple Headband may come in handy for treating conditions like anxiety, loss of appetite, hyperactivity and irritability.

Edibles, gummiescandies, extracts, tinctures and concentrates all offer high doses of Headband with less of the actual act of consumption required.

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Headband is a classic standby, effective and easy to find almost anywhere. It's available on both the legal and black markets, but it's most popular on the West Coast. This strain is a cross of two venerable parents, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, making for a sativa/indica ratio. Headband is nam /5(34). Purple Headband is a cross between Master Kush, Sour Diesel, OG Kush and an unknown Purple, which could either be the Purple Urkle or the Purps. Being an indica dominant strain, it is quite different from the other strains you have tried before. The buds are pink and covered with vivid green tric /5(6). Purple Headband cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid similar in nature to indica strains. It is recognizable by its baby pink buds and dense, compact nugs which, when burned, emit a strong floral aroma with a hint of musky kush.3/5(1).

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