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He got someone else pregnant

You didn't choose to leave him for the one thing he did wrong, you chose to stay for all the things he did right. According to this, then, a woman should have the choice of forcing the child, once born, onto the father, and then only paying child support for a couple of decades. I think what you are trying to explain are the two types of custody…over the person and over decision making for the person. Rachel April 10, , pm. Sorry for any confusion! For all the reasons stated in the comments, women just cannot be forced into motherhood quite like a man can be forced into fatherhood. Lucky us. Good luck with your decision. Let him prove himself to you and pamper you. Sue Jones April 9, , am. Your boyfriend made his choice when he had unprotected sex. Who knows where life will take you but I promise it will lead you down a better path. But, it would have reduced the chances. My problem with this is that he continued a relationship with this girl, it wasnt a one night stand this was a real relationship. He does come visit and massage me everyday but im still pissed.

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I watch my dis go through that. They should act responsibly. It upsets me how much anger seems to be directed towards this unborn child. The LW and the guy broke up. Not with hormonal BC, not with 2 methods of BC, not when one of the individuals has been sterilized. He can be one — he better be one- and still be a loyal partner to you. Lili April 10, , pm. I had to grieve in a whole new way. You want some advice?

Freeze your sperm and get a vasectomy. My stepsons mom is amazing and we get along. It actually makes me very sad. Or, hey, maybe they were both tested, maybe they were both clean, and maybe he believed her, and maybe she actually was on the pill. Now, the woman could want it and the dude not want it. Anyone would be angry in this situation. Secondly, it is a medical procedure. Also, just food for thought, a lot of you are saying how horrible it is he wants nothing to do with his child but is willing to pay for it…would you say the same thing to someone who gave their kid up for adoption? Run as if your life depends on it because it does. Considering how often it is done on daytime television, I am shocked to find out that a paternity test is so damn hard to procure. Francine April 9, , pm. But for some reason, getting used to a new reality is much easier. Men get a say in abortions? The one big thing you do know about your time together is that he lied. So, in your opinion, anyone who has sex without wanting to get pregnant is an idiot?

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  • Though some women seem to believe that is the case.
  • I completely gave in to the darkness I felt inside.
  • DDL April 10,am.
  • Whether or not she trapped him is irrelevant, in my opinion.
  • LW: When I started reading this letter I was prepared to tell you to MOA, but by the end I decided that you and your boyfriend sound like equally shitty people!
  • Lili April 9,pm.

New Here? Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. You can read about me here , peruse the archives here and read popular posts here. Thanks for visiting! New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. She told him she got pregnant on the pill, which I think is a lot of cod wallop. I have tried to encourage him to stay with this woman soley because of this pregnancy, but he wants me and wants to marry me as he said all along, and he is furious with this woman for keeping the baby after only knowing each other two minutes. He told me he will obviously be paying for it but wants nothing to do with her OR the baby. Do I Have to Help Her? Dude, get away from this guy pronto! He sounds like bad news. Regardless of whether or not he wants to stay with this women he impregnanted, do NOT stay with him yourself! Sue Jones April 9, , am. He sounds a bit flakey. I assume from the debate that this has become a fact that was inferred due to the women being on birth control. Exactly; he sounds like a total loser, and how the hell would she ever be able to trust him going forward? Plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. Leroy April 9, , am.

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Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Remember me. My boyfriend got someone else pregnant. Start Prev 1 Next End 1. Somoene boyfriend got someone else pregnant was created by Adonathiel. My BF And I have been together for four years. He has cheated twice. He had been with this girl he sat next to in class for eight months before I found out.

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He got someone else pregnant. He loves me but got someone else pregnant

This was the man that I thought I was going to marry and raise a family with. We were together for four years and best friends even before that. So, Bees… how do I stop being sad and let go of the future that I had created in my mind? Remember the reality of your relationship and not the fantasy you had for your future. Take some time to grieve over this and then pick yourself up and move on! Hold out for someone who wants to committ to you as much as you want to committ to them! Ross and Joey have a conversation about how Ross always pictured his future life… waking up on a Sunday morning with his wife by his side, a child runs in and they read the Science section of the newspaper together or some form of that? Joey asks Ross if his wife in his fantasy is Rachel. You just have to remove his face from the picture. Look at it as exciting! Your future holds a million opportunities and exciting surprises.

A few years ago, when I was still in college, a friend of a friend started reaching out to me. Eventually he told me he was interested, but I explained that I was about to start seeing someone else, and hoped I hadn't led him on. We continued talking as friends — until one night, when we were at the same event, it felt like there were fireworks, and we kept looking at each other. Right after that, he asked me out, and I said yes. I was single at this point. We spent a lot of time together — went out, walked, laughed, and, yes, hooked up.

A kid is not a building.

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Feb 09,  · My Open Relationship Nightmare: My Wife Got Pregnant By Someone Else Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by thebestrpgman, Sep 6, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next >. Apr 20,  · My boyfriend slept with another girl and the girl got pregnant. Now the baby is four months old. From the time he impregnated the gal, I’ve been sleeping with him but I haven’t gotten pregnant. Is it possible that if he impregnated another woman, I might not fall pregnant? — Not Pregnant Oh, dear God. He Knocked Her Up While Dating Me. "I found out someone I am dating has gotten someone pregnant while also seeing me. You mention that you "found out" a woman he was also dating is Author: Demetria Lucas D’Oyley.

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